Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Pizza and ice cream

Finally made my way to Piece! Neil and I shared a pepperoni pizza with garlic and half black olives (for me). I have to say, it's nice going to a pizza place that's not downtown or in Wrigleyville. Wicker Park seems to be getting more and more popular, a few chains popping up here and there and I hear rent is going up. But there are still a lot of independent businesses and plenty of hipsters skateboarding around. It was fun to walk around at sunset with tons of people out. Buuuut Wicker Park is just too far from the lake for me. Anywayyyyys, the pizza was delicious, somewhere between thin and thick crust. Just enough cheese and sauce and so much flavor. Loved it. Then we added more calories by going to Jeni's Ice Cream. I had the brambleberry crisp and brown butter almond brittle. YEAH. So many calories and so worth it.

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