Saturday, April 18, 2015

Eventful day

Ahhhhh, Saturday. You can never arrive soon enough. I ran 7 miles along the lake which started off great as the wind pushed me. On the way back north, it was worse since I was running against it (didn't really think ahead about that one). I walked through Lincoln Park and passed by 2466 N. Lakeview. (1st pic). It's for sale for only $8.6M in case you're interested! I stopped by CityGrounds Coffee Bar to use my indie passport. It's a super cute building with a courtyard. Then I grabbed lunch at Yango's, which is just down the street from me but I've never ever been. Great cheeseburgers. Went to iO with my friend Mary Beth to see some shows and gossip about everything under the sun. There's a lot to gossip about nowadays. I'm sure you improv people know what I'm talking spoilers here.

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