Thursday, April 30, 2015

Shows, shows, shows

A long but suuuuuper fun night. I did storytelling at I Shit You Not, which is pretty disgusting. I thought my story would be the grossest but I was wrong. In a weird way, it's almost worse telling this story to strangers than to good friends. But I'm also sure I won't get any dates after talking about my "accident" while running last year. I went to iO after and I haven't been there late on a weeknight yet. It was like a whole different world. I loved seeing so many students, they were so energetic and excited about shows. I told my friend I also giggled a little wondering who was hooking up with who. I digress.......I went to see Lola and Dogs. Dogs came up with a completely new and really energetic and active form. It was mostly set to music and great to watch. It's always good when an iO team ventures out to try something new.

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