Monday, May 25, 2015

Day Off

New flowers for the apt today. The color of these carnations is amazing. I didn't sleep enough last night so I was in a daze all day. I took a total of 3 naps. I ventured out 3 different times and then took a nap every time I came home. When it stopped raining, I went on a quest for a donut so I hopped on the brown line to Glazed and Infused and inhaled this raspberry oreo donut and then walked back home. For another nap of course! Cop Squad had a 10pm show so that explains the napping. I wanted to make sure I could stay up late enough to perform. It was a really fun show and great to play with my team since I rarely see them it seems like. (Also, enjoy a little video of the Wellington-Oakdale Old Glory Marching Society Parade! It marched right in front of my building!)

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