Friday, May 01, 2015

Go Blackhawks! And go food! And sleep! Go!

TGIF, right? I heard that there would be a ton of food trucks at Daley Plaza. I got there around 1 and stood in line for empanadas. By the time I got to the front they only 1 type left out of about 10. So I had 2 ham and cheese and the guy felt bad so he gave me a free bottled water. I sat by the fountain and read Amy Poehler's book and shifted around the fountain finding the sunshine and avoiding shade. I met Tami and Jeff at Michael's Pizzeria to watch the game. We all split 2 huge pizzas and got sleepy as we watched the Hawks lead by 3 then tie then win by 1. Such a great day but I was very excited about going to bed. Nothin like it after staying up late and a long day.

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