Saturday, May 02, 2015

Let's go fly a kite

I went to Cricket Hill at Montrose Harbor for the kite festival today. I sat at the bottom of the hill and just looked up and took as many pics as I could. so many little kids around who were ecstatic to see their kite go into the air. It was like sitting in a big bubble of good energy. And the weather was beautiful. It was a really nice morning. I already went for a run early and after watching the kites, I wanted to stay outside so I met Tami at the lake and sat outside and gossiped. I forgot about sunblock because I'm a moron and have a nice sports bra tan now. Tonight I played Boystown Pregame at the Playground with a cast I had never done improv with before. I felt like the veteran that some people know of but have never really talked to. It's a fun place to be. the show was great and I was given some really great gifts by my teammates. Today could NOT have gone better.  

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