Saturday, May 23, 2015

Soldier Field and other adventures

Another Soldier Field race finished! Such a perfect day for a run too, although it got REAL hot toward the end. 7am is so early for a start time but I'm glad they did it. My finish time was much slower than usual because I've been sick on and off lately. So my body was not prepared at all. But I finished and felt pretty good about it. Kyna was a lifesaver and drove to Soldier Field. Otherwise, I would've had to get up even earlier. I met up with Andrea later in Lincoln Square and we had lunch and walked all over the neighborhood. It's so gorgeous over there, I think we were technically in Albany Park. It's crazy when you start to see front yards and huge houses and ponds. It's like another world. I have to go back and take more pictures next time. I really really wanted to go out tonight and drink or see shows but I was so unbelievably exhausted that I fell asleep by 10pm.

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