Saturday, June 27, 2015

Gym, Tan, Laundry.....minus the laundry

Made a quick trip to the gym today. It was beautiful out but a little too windy. Walked down Broadway and enjoyed seeing rainbows everywhere, yay marriage equality!! Then I met Kyna at Everybody's Coffee, which is a really cool space and pretty huge too. It's in, what I think is, an arts building or community center. Anyways, they have a really cool menu and secret Star Wars menu! I had The Vader - mexican coke, espresso, and vanilla. Sounds interesting right?? It was. It was very interesting. Not exactly what I was expecting. I ended up switching drinks with Kyna because it was just too strong and tasted funky. But I would definitely go back. Afterwards, I walked to the beach to enjoy the beautiful weather and simultaneously get my back sunburnt! I was supposed to have a show tonight at Uptown Underground but it was cancelled, probably because so many pride events took away from our audience. But I enjoyed the architecture around Uptown. So many amazing buildings that need to be used!

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