Sunday, July 12, 2015


Met my friend at CC Ferns, this new coffee shop in Humboldt Park. It's out of the way but so fun to explore a new neighborhood. I've spent a lot of time this year in Logan Square/Wicker Park/Bucktown but haven't been further south. We hung out here and chatted for hours about everything under the sun. The atmosphere was nice and relaxing and kinda classy (there was a wall of cigars and it's also connected to a speakeasy that's been around since the 30s! It's called The California Clipper and I HAVE TO GO THERE. Anyway, afterwards we walked through Humboldt Park to sightsee and just be outside. We walked back to Chicago Ave. so I could catch the bus and stopped at her friend's store, Space Oddities. Talk about oddities, there were encased butterfly necklaces, shark teeth, and even a dead shark inside a giant bottle. Yeah. Weird but awesome. I got home and wanted to immediately go outside so I rode my bike to North Ave to sit and read for a bit. It's hot out and summer is finally here. I'm happy.

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