Thursday, July 30, 2015


I met up with Tim, Zach, and my newish friend Meg for lunch today. I say newish because we've chatted a couple times but have never really hung out. I happened to catch Zach snapping a pic of me waiting outside. I had just enough time to pose. Stopped by Bourgeois Pig Cafe for iced coffee after the gym today and realized I'm not a fan of iced coffee. Iced mochas? Sure. But iced coffee tastes like gasoline for some reason. Blech. And I went to iO tonight to see Winter Formal and Dummy, who's in town from LA for a bit. So I got to chat with Shotts and Colleen, and then ran into Nnamdi, and Katie Rich and Irene. And Mike Jimerson. and a couple other people too. (Improvisers will know who I'm talking about). So many friends!!

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