Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Had my first pierogis today!! They're like a combination of empanadas and potstickers. i had the meat and potato/cheddar. Pretty good, a little too filling for me though. My buddy and I went to Pierogi Heaven at Franklin, near Randolph. Even though it's cooler out out, I decided to go to the gym instead of running outside. I keep running into my friend Danny there, which is nice considering I've been there for 11 years and very rarely see people I know there. I took it easy with a little running and elliptical. Then I ran over to 600 N. Michigan to see Inside Out. Oh man, talk about a tear jerker and like my friend said "Pixar gets it". They sure do, kids can get depressed. I sure did. And it's nice to know that other kids do too. Go see it if you haven't.

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