Friday, September 04, 2015

The coffee bean is neither coffee nor a bean....discuss

Took the day off to relax a bit and enjoy my fave coffee place. Kelly and her hubby came there too and brought the baby. We chatted about job stuff and the Real Housewives of wherever. I was hoping not to run into the guy I met last week. Did I mention him?? He was older and really friendly and cute too! Asked for my number and wanted to take me out. NEVER heard from him again. Oh well. At least it's possible to meet people in real life. I gave up on the online thing; it's frustrating and misleading. I guess most dating is though. I was redeemed with a great Cop Squad show at the Playground. Although, I wish I could be as physical as my teammates. On stage, it's just not my thing but in every day life, I love being super goofy with my body. Looks like after 12 years I still have a little something holding me back on stage.

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