Thursday, December 03, 2015


Drinks tonight with an old co-worker. We chatted about our new jobs and how horrible our last one was. We went to Pearl Tavern, next door to my office. This place has the advantage of being in an area with few bars and it's decorated nicely and very classy. Downside: the servers/hostesses dress slutty and it's pricey. Plus, since they have mostlt seafood it can get smelly. We think this is what is causing an odd smell in our office, since we are right below/next to them. I just had a beer and we shared an appetizer. It was seared octopus or basically one octopus tentacle with some dipping sauce. Very yummy but not for $15. I gave it 2 stars on yelp.....also because the servers know nothing about the food or drinks. Booooo.

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