Friday, January 22, 2016

A show and another show

Pre-show caffeine fix at Intelligentsia with 2 of my favorite people! This kid just keeps getting bigger and CUTER! Went to the Playground for a show with Cop Squad. Check out the new chairs! Makes the place look so much bigger. Plus, they got rid of the curtains on stage. Our show was ok. Well, for me at least. I feel soooooooooo rusty. I'm only doing improv once or twice a month which is just not enough. Even AJ noticed that I seemed hesitant. Blehhhh. I feel like I should start doing a weekly show or biweekly. I just need more practice. We went to The Store after to see AJ's friends' band The Elizabeth Dane. Great stuff! I wouldn't know how to describe it. As much as I love music, I have a hard time describing the sound. So here is their site :)

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