Saturday, January 09, 2016

Coffee break/alcohol break

Met Kyna to try our first coffee shop for our Indie Coffee Passport. We went to HERO Coffee in Roscoe Village. I almost just got a plain coffee but they had a Nutella hot chocolate. UH YEAH. It was pretty amazing. It's a tiny place, I'm so glad there was a spot to sit down. I went home to work on my Sketchfest show as much as I could. Then met AJ to go see a couple friends in a show up in Edgewater. It was a group on 1 act plays. I have to say, not worth $20. We may be biased but the best ones were the plays with our friends. Then to the Cork Lounge for a friend's bday. I tried to make sure we left by midnight since I have a show and tend to get stressed and anxious. A good day but I'm just ready for this show to be over, as excited as I am.

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