Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy birfday!

Happy bday AJ!! I took my man to Little Goat for a SUPER YUMMY dinner. He had the Fat club and I had the Sloppy Goat. Both delicious. We started with ritz crackers and crab dip. Uh yeah, it was amazing and that's why we only finished half our meals. And they brought us a tiny little shake with a candle and it was vanilla with mini M&Ms! Then we hopped in a cab and headed north. AJ had no idea where we were going. I took him to Lincoln Karaoke and all of his friends were in the room waiting for him! We sang karaoke for a few hours and had a great time. The whole plan couldn't have gone more smoothly. I've been struggling with a cold/virus/whatever the last couple weeks so I was feeling kinda gross but I was able to push through til about 1 til I was ready for bed. Such a good night with good food and good company. Yay!

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