Monday, February 22, 2016

At the movies

4 mile run along the lake and it felt sooooo nice. 38 degrees and no wind. Perfect! I was having a fat day so it felt good to get some exercise. I hopped on the train and went up to black Rock Pub for staged readings of various Oscar winning movies with AJ and some friends. Really funny readings but wayyyy too many movies. I think 11 or 12 total. They made fun of West Side Story which is such a great movie, although super easy to make fun of. Apparently a lot of people hate Forrest Gump too. And love Titanic. I'm the opposite. I loved Forrest Gump and still do. Most of all, I loved the nostalgia. And I thought Titanic was a horribly written love story, but I was SO impressed by the set and costumes. But oscar worthy for best pic and director? NO.

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