Friday, April 29, 2016

A little nudity never hurt anyone

Feeling a little better today. My stomach is a bit wonky too so I'm guessing that and the fatigue are something I ate. My stomach is so sensitive now to the most random things. I always think about keeping a food journal for things like this or possibly migraines (which I think are mostly due to weather and hormones but I'm not a doctor/scientist). Oh well, I had to make a coffee stop this morning at Fabcakes near our office and saw this great sign. Making my day even better, AJ sent this pic from an audition he had. I MEAN COME ON. Can we talk about how handsome he is???!! We went to a friend's bday party tonight and then to his show at Stage 773 (where he had to get naked). That's right. And it was a great play, really heartfelt and sweet. The nudity was essential to the play but some of the other short plays.....not as much. But AJ was great and I'm so proud of him :)

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