Sunday, June 26, 2016

Couldn't get any better

Stayed over at AJ's and lounged around for a bit. They have such a nice view, right?! AJ made me french press coffee, which he has somehow never done in 9 months and he was right. IT IS SO GOOD. I gotta buy one for myself. We went to Uncommon Ground on Devon to get brunch and visit our friend who works there. These lemon poppyseed pancakes with blueberry compote were just as delicious as they look. Then we went to a coffee shop nearby to visit with my friend Andrea and her adorable little girl Emma!! She is the calmest baby I've ever met. And she sleeps through the night! Unheard of. Then some beach time with friends. And finally, an amazing season finally for Game of Thrones! Sunday for the win!!

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