Monday, June 13, 2016

Looking ahead

Well, today was weird. My boss called me into the conference room to tell me that they don't have enough work for me. So I have 2 weeks left there. It's actually turning out to be better than I thought. They're letting me come and go as I want the next 2 weeks and said I could just use the office to job hunt. Which I will! I left work and headed home and to the gym, and texted Kyna in the process about getting a drink. So we went to Long Room for some beers and a bitch session. Then I walked all the way home sort of in a daze. I've already talked to a few recruiters who have plenty of positions available. So with that, one more paycheck, and unemployment, I should be ok for a little while. It's a blessing in disguise! (Mostly because I should be making at least $8k more a year. Fingers crossed!

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