Saturday, August 06, 2016

A long one

Definitely did not get enough sleep last night, which made me Cranky McGee most of today. We got up early to meet AJ's family for breakfast and grab a rental car for us to drive back to Chicago and for AJ to continue driving all the way to Utah (he's taking a week long road trip with his roomie, so lucky!) We ran some errands and then walked over to the beach from our Airbnb, which was about 5 feet in width, it was weird. And the rest of the length of the beach was private. So we snagged a tiny spot and napped for a bit in the sun. Then on to his friend Darcy's wedding, very low key and fun. The guests gathered around the couple in a circle in the park and then we went to a nearby event center for the reception. I was mustering up all the energy I could and had a great time but was ready for bed by 6pm. (PS - we found my new favorite beer at the store! New Holland's Lost Dune. So yummy, blueberry-ish flavor. It's seasonal and from Michigan so not as easy to find in Chicago)

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