Saturday, August 27, 2016

Coffee and coffee and cheese

Only 5 more days to finish our indie coffee passport, which I don't think I'll make. Only 4 more left. We decided to do 2 today! First Caffe Streets on W. Division and then Brew Brew on wayyyyy W. Diversey. Caffe Streets is yummy and the staff is friendly but the people there are very pretentious. Brew Brew is adorable and we both had the iced lavender honey latte. I'll be real honest: it was gross. I took 2 sips and threw it out when I got home. Lavender should be smelled, not tasted. Plus it was too sweet. Then AJ and I went to Bar Pastoral near my place for cheese and meats. Delicious! And the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. It can get pricey but it's filling and there's so much flavor. And a great place for a date night!

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