Saturday, September 17, 2016

20 milezzzz

20 MILE RUUUUN. Awwwww shit. I felt pretty great to begin with. I ran the 4 miles north to the end of the lakeshore path. Normally I would stop before turning around but I felt good so I kept going the 4 miles back. Then about 3 more south to Oak St. beach where I stopped for the first time. Went down to Shedd Aquarium and then came back. My back was hurting more than anything else. Like rull bad. It hurt to just walk. So I have to figure this out before the marathon so I don't collapse with an achy back when it's over. Doing some research on that. Stretching and massage seem to be the answer. Count me in! We grabbed drinks at Duke of Perth before a bday party at Parrot's. I only lasted there about an hour before I just wanted to sleep. Another productive Saturday.

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