Thursday, September 01, 2016

Ending on a high note

Caught up with emails and such at work after a terrible outage. I felt bad leaving early but I had to rush back up north for a dentist appointment. UUUUUGH. My dentist is out of network so it's a bit pricey but I love my dentist soooo much! He's so friendly and really talks to me and doesn't judge. I just don't feel comfortable finding a totally new dentist to get a bunch of work done if I don't really know/trust him. Oh well, some serious money may need to be shelled out. I stopped at the new Mariano's on Broadway just to look around and maybe grab snacks for visiting friends tonight. The place is huge and awesome but so busy since it just opened. So I may stay away for the next couple weeks. AJ and I went to Kelly's for dinner and hang time. Gideon can walk now so he was very entertaining! That face.....adorable!

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