Saturday, October 22, 2016

Austin day 1!

Day 1 in Austin! No long security lines, no flight delays! Yayyyy! I slept pretty hard on the plane after not sleeping much last night. We stayed with my oldest friend Laura and her husband Noah. They took us to a great place for breakfast tacos. So goooood! We hung out at their house and then headed to Jester King, a brewery with a ton of open land. They have a covered barn area and outside areas where you can drink your beer. There's the bar and then another separate area for food. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh, it was all delicious. They should open places like this in Chicago but there's just not enough space in the city. We chilled at home tonight and watched the Cubs. Such a great game!!! Cubs are going to the World Series!! First time in 71 years. I wish I could be home in Chicago but I'm kinda glad to be away from the madness. Go Cubs Go!

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