Sunday, October 23, 2016

Austin day 2!

Took a long scenic walk to El Chilito for some tacos and iced lattes this morning. We slept for about 10 hours and it felt awesoooome. We sat out by the pool and had some beers. Then got drinks downtown and had dinner at Lambert's, a cool, sorta fancy bbq place. It was pretty amazing, except Laura paid $33 for scallops and got 3.........3 SCALLOPS. Geez. But the place was really modern/hipstery looking. Downtown is so different now. Although, I haven't really explored it in 15 years. We stopped at Prohibition Creamery (where they have booze in the ice cream!!!). I just got a chocolate shake but I was already boozed up enough. then home to watch TV. Yay Sunday!

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