Sunday, October 09, 2016

Marathon fail

Soooooo, my 6th marathon was today. Unfortunately, I didn't finish. I did not get much sleep last night thanks to some anxiety and some kind of nearby alarm that kept me up. Felt good at the start line and actually the whole first half. Then around mile 17 it sort of fell apart. Started feeling a little nauseous and then lightheaded. Which is something I don't want to mess with. I stopped at a medical tent at mile 19 and sat for a bit. Thought about walking for a bit but when I stood up I knew I had to stop. So I hopped on a shuttle back to Grant Park and met up with AJ. If this was my first marathon, I would be much more upset. I'm glad I stopped when I did, I made the right decision. And I'm so lucky that I had AJ waiting for me. And thanks to anyone and everyone who cheered me on. You guys are the tops! I think it's time to stick to half marathons or shorter for a while!

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