Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Passport please

Today was a hell of a day as I tried to get my new passport. My old one expired too long ago to renew, blehhh. So I went by the list of passport acceptance facilities online. First was 355 E. Ohio. They said they had not done passports in 5 years. They sent me to 540 n. Dearborn. The "passport lady called in sick" so I went to 211 S. Clark. Guess what?? That passport lady called in sick too! So onto my last post office - 433 W. Harrison. Thankfully, when I arrived I saw a passport area with a woman at a desk and a sign in list. I only had to wait about a half hour and then met Tami downtown for ice skating! And guess what?! The line for rental skates was 4 hours! Onto another rink which was also crowded so we walked to lunch at Rock Bottom. Phewwwwwwww, I've never been on such an adventure around the city that wasn't fun. Well, it wasn't fun until I had a beer and some food in my tummy. 

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