Saturday, January 14, 2017

Still sicky

Road trip to Wisconsin today! Just to Mars Cheese Castle actually. I am feeling even worse than before and shouldn't have driven out there today but oh well. I went to Hertz for my rental car but apparently they don't take debit cards anymore. I have a credit card but I just made the payment today, dammit. So I had to get a zipcar (which cost me twice as much). I picked up Shawn at his house and then we headed north! We got to the Castle and grabbed some cheese and beer. I only grabbed stuff for AJ and kinda forgot to get anything for myself. But we went to Woodman's grocery store and I got him some Island Orchard Cider for his bday and then one bottle for myself!!! We drove back to the city and I went to AJ's for the night where he cooked me the amazing dinner you see below. And how can I forget the delicious sandwich at Pastoral today - the Southern - milano salami, housemade pimento cheese, red onions, celery and cornichons. SO GOOOOD, try it!

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