Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 4

Laid by the pool this morning and then our buddy Pedro picked us up around 3. (So AJ had a customer one day who recommended Pedro to us to help with airport transportation and tours. And he turned out to be AWWWESOME) We drove an hour or so with him and his wife to Tamarindo where we had food and drinks at Lola's (named after Lola, a giant pig. See below). Saw some monkeys on the way and even a stray dog at the restaurant who wanted to be my new best friend. The restaurant is so cool because it's like it just dropped out of the sky onto the ground. Costa Rica is very adamant about preserving their land/environment and not interfering with it. There were lots of surfer dudes there too. We watched the sun set and then drove into the touristy part of Tamarindo and had more food and drinks at ANOTHER restaurant by the beach. Then a late night drive back to our hotel. Another day in paradise.

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