Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Day 5

Today was the besssst!!!!!! Pedro and his wife picked us up at 6am and we drove 3 hours to the Arenal volcano. First we stopped at Aroma Tico on our way there. Check out the breakfast below! Then onto La Fortuna Waterfall,, where we had to hike way down to the actual waterfall. The water is super clear and it's just incredibly gorgeous. Then hiked back up and moved onto Zip lining which included a tarzan swing! And it's just what you think, swinging in basically a 180 back and forth until a guy below starts to grab your leg or foot to slow you down. Then lunch at Pollo Fortuneno, I don't remember what we ate but it was one of the best meals we had there. After lunch, we drove to an ecological reserve where we saw butterflies, huge birds, sloths, monkeys, weird rodent little things, tons of ants, and a bunch of other animals! And finally to Eco Termales Hot Springs, which was almost like a 5 star resort and included dinner. You checked in and then walked to the bathroom and locker area which was like being at a country club. Then there were lamp lit paths through the trees to the hot springs. Right?! Super cool. We tried each pool and relaxed and then finally dinner and the very long drive home. An 18 hour day. Totally worth it.

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