Thursday, August 09, 2018

The grass is definitely greener

My new job is right behind the old building I used to work. I think I've mentioned this before but whatevs. It was a horrible job that I stayed at too long. Although, I did look for a year and a half before I found anything. I'm glad I did because I didn't want to leave a shitty job for another shitty job. (The next 2 jobs didn't really end up working out but they were miles better than this one). I was an admin assistant for the head of the underwriting departm....yawn! But she was married to the CEO (27 years older). He was an old, grumpy, controlling man who verbally abused his employees and family. But for some reason he liked me; I think because he never made me cry or broke me down. He's dead now which is fine with me. Anyway, it was a toxic environment where I sometimes did my job plus the exec assistant job and only made about $43k a year. In case that seems like a lot, I make about $15k more less than 3 years later doing less work. So if you're reading this and hate your horrible desk job, keep may not be easy to find something new but it's worth it for your health and confidence.

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