Monday, June 22, 2020


Drove to Michigan today to go camping with AJ's parents! We drove through Wisconsin so it was a lonnnnng drive. About 6-7 hours. But very worth it. We stopped in our friend's hometown of Escanaba for some pasties and then onto the campsite. Our first night was actually terrible. First of all, the bathrooms/showers were closed becuase of covid so there were just port-a-pottys. His parents brought their truck and attached camper and then a tent for us to sleep in. We were excited because it was a huge tent. But around 6 or 7 the weather started to get windy and rainy and it just got worse and no didn't stop for about 16 hours. To make matters worse, our air mattress ended up having a hole. AJ and I slept maybe an hour or so by 5am. He decided to stay awake but I slept in our rental for 4 hours. NOT FUN. 

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