Saturday, October 17, 2020

Washington Island

Took the Washington Island Ferry and it was cold and rainy and somewhat windy but we were determined to enjoy the island. We were most excited to go to a lookout tower and see the fall colors (which is why we took this trip in the first place). AND IT WAS CLOSED BECAUSE OF STRUCTURAL DAMAGE. Seems like it shouldn't be a huge deal but between my allergies, not sleeping great, bad weather and $55 for the ferry alone, it was very infuriating. But we came back to the shore and grabbed cider and some jellies and treats from a cute little store. Then grabbed lunch and went back to the hotel to relax. We took a short walk through a cemetery nearby and to Pebble Beach. Beautiful place and the temp was a little warmer. We grabbed takeout (Wisconsin's covid numbers are soaring and not everyone wears masks so we avoided eating out) and came home to watch TV. I guess the day could've been worse and we enjoyed the evening so I won't complain....too much. 

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