Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Vote dangit.

It's Election Day! I voted last month and dropped off my ballot at an early voting location. It seems like we've been talking about 2020 since 2016 and since it's been a shit year, like the shittiest year since I've been alive.....I'm ready for some good news. I'd like to quickly say that even though this year hasn't been great, I really have nothing to complain about. I still have my job and so does AJ. We're making the same amount of money, if not a little more. I'm saving more by not going out as much. But on the other hand, I'm working at home every day with very little to do, I haven't done comedy in 8 months (the whole reason I moved my life here 16 years ago) and we can't see our favorite bands, our favorite friends, and our family (for the most part). But I'm sacrificing much less than other people so I can bear down and wait until things improve. And as long as we have Biden leading this fight against coronavirus, I think most of us will be much more at peace and trusting of the administration. Here's hoping for a blue win and results as soon as possible!! Now get out and vote and give this kitty a high five!


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